Flash Synchron

Flash Synchron will allow you to automatically synchronize data between one or more computers and flash drive. You can synchronize several files and folders from different locations using one flash drive.

The principle is shown in the following picture:

In the picture John has a folder “ProjectX” on his work computer. In this folder he keeps files he works on this month. He usually takes work home so on his home PC he works with the same files. Till now he used to copy the files from his work computer to his flash drive at the end of his work day and then at home copy these files to his home computer. On his home computer he keeps all his work files in “Work” folder, so these files go to “Work\projectx” folder. However, not once he forgot to copy the files on his flash drive before leaving his work and not once the same happened to him with the updated files from his home computer.  And not once he found himself in confusion which file was the latest…

Since he found Flash Synchron, he does not have to worry about copying the files at all.

Flash Synchron does:

·         Check which files are newer and copies them adequately

·         Can prompt him to synchronize files when flash drive is inserted

·         Remind to synchronize the files before flash drive is removed.

What's new in version 2.1 (March 2013)

What's new in version 2.0 (May 2010)

 What's new in version 1.5 (May 2008)

P.S: it is not good idea to carry secret data on a flash drive without encryption, so John should also use Flash Securer to protect his files from misuse.

See Quick Start to learn more...

Download Flash Synchron now.


System requirements

Note that this program requires .NET framework 3.5. If you are using Windows Vista or newer, it will most likely be on your computer already. If not, the setup program will attempt to download the framework from Microsoft website. If you plan to install the program on computer without (or with limited) internet connection and the .NET framework may not be present on that computer, please download it now here.


Extract the downloaded zip file (be sure to extract all the files from the zip archive!) and then run Setup.exe.

Flash Synchron is freeware. You can use and distribute it freely as long as you do not modify it or distribute it for profit. See license agreement in the program documentation for more information.

Release date of latest version: March 2013

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